Speaker Events
The Society is committed to holding a variety of events throughout the academic year. These include mini-conferences, and individual lectures and seminars by prominent figures in the world of freemarket and libertarian thought.Past Events

  • Johan Norberg, John Redwood MP and Daniel Ben-Ami
    Johan Norberg, author of “In Defence of Global Capitalism” and writer/presenter of Channel 4’s “Globalisation Is Good” appeared with the Rt Hon John Redwood MP and Daniel Ben-Ami (Morningstar) were the panel of the annual Future of Economics Conference, MONDAY 23rd FEBRUARY, 2pm, OLD THEATRE.
  • Dr Madsen Pirie spoke on Wednesday 3rd March
    Dr Pirie is President of the Adam Smith Institute and was one of the most influential people in British politics during the Thatcher.
    Wednesday, March, 2.15pm, G108, LSE.
  • Capitalism: The Only Hope for the 21st Century 2004
    John Blundell chaired this year’s capitalism awareness panel event. Speakers were Kendra Okonski of the International Policy Network, and Dr Mark Pennington (Queen Mary, University of London).
    MONDAY 16th February, 7pm, Hong Kong Theatre.
  • Prof. Bruce Caldwell to Speak on “Hayek’s Challenge”
    Formerly of LSE, now at the University of North Carolina (Greensboro), Caldwell returns for a one-off lecture on Thursday 19 February 2004, at 6.30pm, in the Hong Kong Theatre.
  • Compassion and Capitalism
    Speaker: Christian Michel, Liberalia.
  • Public Discussion: Capitalism [Details]
    Speakers: Professor Norman Barry, University of Buckingham; Julian Morris, Director, International Policy Network; Dr Razeen Sally, LSE. Chair: Mr. John Blundell, IEA.
  • LSE Hayek Memorial Lecture [Details]
    Speaker: Prof. Roger Garrison (LSE Hayek Fellow). Chair: Prof. Antony Giddens (Director, LSE). A special lecture on Hayek’s influence on economics.
  • Future of Economics Conference [Details]
    Speakers: Prof. John Hardman-Moore; Prof. Christopher Pissarides; Prof. Danny Quah; Dr. Linda Yueh. Chair: Prof. Nobuhiro Kiyotaki.
  • BTC Pipeline Conference [Details]
    Speakers: Dr. Brenda Shaffer, Harvard University; Tomas Goltz, contentious journalist; Caner Toksoz, BOTAS; Barry Halton, Director, BTC/BP. Chair: Tony Scanlan, British Institute of Energy Economics.
  • Future of Management Conference
    Speakers from PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Barclays Bank, ‘Management Today’ (editor), LSE, Future Considerations, and the Institute of Management Consultancy.
  • Philanthropy and Capitalism Conference
    Speakers: Christian Michel, Liberalia; Brian Micklethwait, Libertarian Alliance; Jo Owen, TeachFirst, Co-founder, HBOS Bank.
  • Hayek’s Macroeconomic Thought – Three seminars [Details]
    Speaker: Prof. Roger Garrison (LSE Hayek Fellow).
  • Business Ethics
    Speaker: Professor Norman Barry, University of Buckingham.
  • Redefining the Political Spectrum
    Speaker: Mr John Blundell, IEA.
  • A Constitution for Europe
    Speaker: Mr Clive Crook, ‘The Economist’.
  • Seminar: ‘Hayek’s ideas on Socialism’
    Professor Bruce Caldwell
  • European Monetary Union
    Mr James Sproule, City economist
  • The Changing Role of the State in Asia
    Prof. Pang Eng Fong, High Commissioner of Singapore to UK
  • The European Corporate Model
    Mr James Sproule, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson
  • The Prospect for The World Trade Organisation after Seattle
    Dr Razeen Sally, LSE
  • The Secrets of Business Success in China
    Mr John Stuttard, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • A Public Conversation
    Speakers: Lord Bauer, John Blundell.
  • Why Hayek?
    Prof. Bruce Caldwell, LSE.